After heavy demand, here is the video for Dylan O’Brien at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

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They can’t know about this. My mom, my stepdad, I can’t do this to them again.

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This is my third fic rec. You can find my past recs here.

The Walls Are Breathing In - Explicit - secondstar

Nothing could go wrong. It was just supposed to be a safe trip to the Nemeton. But this is Beacon Hills and things are rarely that simple. Welcome to the life of Stiles Stilinski.

Or, that time that Stiles accidentally became a sorcerer against his will.

A Good Thing - Explicit - Jerakeen

"I think it’s time to admit that I have this bizarre, weird, twisted thing for your dick."

In Case The Daylight Never Comes - Explicit - plume_bob

There’s a relentless dark shape tearing through the pack and that’s only the half of it. Stiles just wants to sleep and stop being haunted by the faces of his night-time tormentors. His dad thinks he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress, Scott thinks he’s suffering the after-effects of the ritual; Stiles thinks they’re both reasonable theories, except for the part where Derek Hale is the only thing that can take his nightmares away and it seems that fact is no coincidence.

I Have Faith in Nights - Mature - DaintyBoots

Derek had always thought his ability to pick up strays was a bit of a hindrance. But then he met Stiles.

It’s How You Use It - Explicit - badwolfbadwolf

Stiles is a virgin and Derek has a big dick. Derek trains him to take it.

Stiles hadn’t really realized it until they were mashed up against his door, his thighs splayed, Derek’s hips fitted to him. And then he turned slightly and ohmygod, there was Derek’s dick. Just sitting right there, in his pants, pressed against Stiles. Derek Hale had a dick. Derek Hale had a fucking big dick. Like anaconda proportions. Suddenly Stiles was pulling away, nervous excitement twining with fear and plummeting straight down into his stomach as Derek mouthed at his neck.

“I’m a virgin,” Stiles blurted out, and his voice did an embarrassing little crack on the end like he was tripping through puberty and falling face first on the other side.

Valentine’s Day Candy in Aisle Four - Explicit - linksofmemories

“It’s so commercialist, and all it does is bring people down who don’t have a special someone.”


Are you two seriously discussing your hatred of Valentine’s Day when a man with a gun is walking around the store?”

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Explicit - grimm

There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Not As Described - Mature - Febricant

Stiles may have made a huge mistake.

Sinking Like A Stone (Carry On) - Mature - iamnightbird

Derek Hale is convinced he can protect his pack from anything. Kanimas, other packs, even the supernatural that remain myths (like demons and the such), but an event hits him like a punch to the gut to remind him that the things he can’t protect his pack from are the everyday horrors in which life makes us her bitch. [Blind!Stiles]

as we share this simple night - Explicit - mockturtletale

Tearing chunks of toast off with his teeth, Stiles changes the shape of Derek’s whole world.

come on, tear me apart - Explicit - trilliastra

“Why were you thinking about my tattoo, Stiles?” He asks, making Stiles swallow and lick his lips nervously, only to be more confused when Derek follows the movement with his eyes.


So he’s not making things up.

It’s mutual.


The Proposal - Explicit - Firenation

Stiles Stilinski is the long-suffering assistant of Derek Hale, editor extraordinaire. Also jackass extraordinaire.

The Proposal AU where Stiles has to get engaged to his terrifying boss Derek in order to prevent him being deported. And somehow has to persuade his family that they’re really in a relationship (stop laughing, Scott). Difficult doesn’t even cover it.

Broken Sundown - Explicit - Anonymous 

Punk rock star Derek Hale is irritated when his new roommate in rehab turns out to be squeaky-clean Stiles Stilinski, the drummer for the hottest boy band in the U.S. Not even his favorite gay romance novel can distract him from what follows. Rock star AU, angst and addictions, alpha!Derek, mates.

I Want Sugar in my Tea - Teen and Up - lielabell

Derek doesn’t like coffee and he doesn’t like coffee shops. They are loud and brash and full of people who think too much of themselves. He prefers tea and independently owned bookshops, where people sit in companionable silence and read. But here he is, sitting in a loud, obnoxious coffee shop, trying his damnedest to focus while people drone on mindlessly on all sides of him, drinking cup after cup of low quality tea. And why is he doing this again? Oh right. Because of him.

you’re the one that i want - Teen and Up - trilliastra

“How do I ask someone to go to prom with me?” Stiles asks suddenly and Derek’s breath hitches.

Sleepwalking - Explicit - thefangirlingdead

Stiles’ nightmares and sleepwalking progressively get worse until he’s losing time. In this case, he comes-to on Derek’s dick.

It Starts When You’re Around - Explicit - strobelighted

"Earth to Derek. You okay, man?"

Derek’s eyes are drawn back to the guy in front of him, who’s starting to look more worried now.

"I —" he starts, then swallows against the dryness. "Who are you?"

or, Derek gets amnesia.

The Best Part of Camping - Explicit - sheafrotherdon

When Derek’s injuries mean he and Stiles can’t get away for the weekend, Stiles takes matters into his own hands.

testing the waters - Explicit - grimm

Prompt fill: “I would LOVE a future!fic where Stiles randomly bumps into Derek, maybe in nyc. He’s in college now or maybe even post college, and this is their first time interacting since Derek left Beacon Hills. Stiles is obviously SMOKING HOT now and Derek finally got his shit together and is a successful 30 something.”

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'Linski's Late Night Antidote to Lame by WhoNatural (T, 14k) 

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.

Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

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Emmy Rossum at the CBS, Showtime and the CW Party at the TCA Summer Tour  (July 29th, 2012)

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I missed two solid weeks of these so now I feel bad. I’m sorry this is kind of a rush job but I literally just got home from SDCC and I’m trying super hard to catch up! 

This giveaway is going to be a little different since I want to give people more than just a few hours to enter - so rather than ending tonight I’ll end it on Wednesday.

  • Someone is going to win a lacrosse hoodie
  • Any size, any character (new characters are coming soon-ish)
  • Shipped anywhere
  • Like and/or reblog to enter! Don’t spam or be a jerk because it’ll break the notes and ruin my day. 
  • This giveaway ends on WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th at 10 PM, PST.

!BONUS! This week’s winner will also get one of the SDCC EXCLUSIVE BEASTIARIES. I managed to grab a couple extra at the con. The beastiary and the hoodie will ship separately but to the same address, free of charge. 

As always, hoodies are available here.

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